All your Memorial Day Weekend supplies are here at Reston Farm Garden Market. Apple pie? A yummy yes to that! Mom? Well, yes, we have Bonita! (But sorry, she’s not for sale.) And what was that we said about goat milk lotion? To recognize Memorial Day and honor the service and the sacrifices our veterans have made for our country…

We want you to know that we are proud to carry veteran-owned bates family farm goat-milk lotions, body butters and soaps.

Goat milk lotion by Bates Family Farm image

How, you ask, did a veteran wind up with a goat farm?

Well, it began with a marine, his lovely wife, and a therapy goat. (that’s right, a therapy goat.)

After 21 years of service to his country, it was time for Joseph Bates to retire. Weary from his time in the service, and trying to overcome the medical issues that plagued him after two battles with cancer, Joe decided to move his wife Shannon and their kids to the Appalachian mountains of Virginia and start a small farm. The goats were originally purchased for Joe’s therapy, but the family also had hopes of making cheese from the goat milk.

Image of goats.

While it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, they ended up with much more milk than was needed for cheese production! Rather than waste it, they set out to find other creative uses for it. Shannon began tinkering with different recipes for lotions and body butters, and once she perfected them, took her creations to the local farmer’s market. Products include old-fashioned fat and lye soap, goat-milk lotions, and goat-milk body butters known as “body b’udders.” These all come in unscented, traditional fragrance, and essential oil varieties, and scents include Coconut Mango, Georgia Peach, Lavender, Citrus Blossom, Cherry Vanilla, and so many more.

What makes the bates family farm products so successful? they believe it’s their high-quality ingredients, the fresh goats’ milk, and the fact that they cut no corners.

We like that. Reston Farm Garden Market is proud to carry Bates Family Farm goat-milk lotions, body butters and soaps. Come in and get you some. And thank you, Joe, for your service to our country.