We asked for snow and… We got it. (And then some!)

Which means underneath all that wintry stuff is a garden area that’s biding its time, waiting to spring out and be a colorful, joyful place to relax and unwind. Is your garden the place you want it to be? What can you do now to get prepared?

Image of a decorated backyard

Remember that it’s not just plants and flowers.

Hardscape in your landscape can make your lawn or garden a special place for your family. What exactly are hardscape items? They include:

  • Gravel
  • Wood chips/Mulch
  • Stones

  • Pavers
  • Concrete
  • Pots
  • Paint
  • Hardware
Image of hardscaping in a backyard

What are some of the benefits of hardscaping?

Beautiful trees with a lovely, green canopy and flowering, fragrant bushes can enhance your home environment. But hardscaping can elevate your place even more. What can it do?

  • Expands your living space
  • Defines areas in your yard
  • Guides traffic through your yard
  • Can increase property value and curb appeal
  • Low maintenance

Start by dreaming big.

Now’s not the time to hold back! Write down everything you’re dreaming about for your “hardscape landscape.”

Ideas could include a patio/deck/gazebo/sitting area (maybe an outdoor tea room!), firepit, outdoor kitchen and dining area, water features, outdoor shower… You’re only limited by your imagination.

Where should you splurge?

Some things give your home more value—or give your family life more value—and are worth spending on.

  • Masonry can give your garden good, solid bones
  • Using high-quality materials that can withstand the elements
  • Include features that create privacy
  • Focus on craftsmanship you’ll be proud to look at and appreciate every day

Where can you save?

Get creative! For instance, if special pavers for your garden path are out of reach with your budget, consider using gravel; it could be quite lovely.

If you already have some materials such as bricks, or stone, or fence pickets, why not reuse them?

Another budget strategy is to buy smaller plants that can grow into the space you’ve planned for them rather than their full-size cousins.

And rather than having everything be matchy-matchy on your new deck or patio, how about using furniture pieces that don’t match. Designers say things don’t have to “match,” they have to “go together.” What does that mean? Think in terms of themes and what is the unifying story you’re telling with your choices.

It’s easy and fun imagining how hardscaping can enhance your outdoor area. Start flexing those imagination muscles and see what wonderful ideas you can come up with.

And if you need a spark (or colorful pots, mulch and kindling for your new firepit), come see us at Reston Farm Garden Market. Easy-peasy!