The Pantone color of the year is Classic Blue—did you know? There seems to be a lot of excitement around this color, and when it comes to flowers, blue is always exciting because it’s a harder color to find.

Which brings us to the 2020 flowering shrub of the year… The Blue Chiffon® Rose of Sharon.

We can vouch that it’s indeed a true blue. But what we really love is that this shrub has large single blue flowers, but they have a very lacy center, which gives them a full, almost double appearance with an anemone type bloom. They’re just beautiful and they cover the plant; they start to bloom about mid-summer (the dog days of summer), and the plant just shines in the landscape, blooming usually right through our first hard frost.

The whole chiffon series is wonderful anyway because they have a different structure than the traditional Rose of Sharon.

The traditional shrub has a stiff, vase shape, while the Chiffon series is a little bit more rounded, a little bit more graceful, and sways in the breeze instead of staying stiff and rigid. They grow about eight to twelve feet tall, and four to six feet wide, so you do want to give it its space in the garden. You also want to put it in a full-sun location—that’s what they love. They will attract all the pollinators, they thrive in Zones five through nine, and they usually don’t need to be pruned. They do bloom on new wood, so you can prune them in early spring if you want to control their size.

Blue Chiffon Rose image

Top reasons to grow the Blue Chiffon® Rose of Sharon, available at Reston Farm Garden Market:

  • Refined, rounded habit with soft, elegant stems
  • Blue flowers with fluffy centers set few to no seeds
  • Loooong blooming period
  • Heat-, drought- and salt-tolerant
  • Attracts birds, butterflies, honey bees and hummingbirds
  • Resistant to deer

They are a versatile, low-maintenance shrub. Want to enhance your garden with the beautiful Blue Chiffon® Rose of Sharon? Find them here (and so much more!) at Reston Farm Garden Market.

Blue Chiffon image