It can when it has shadowland® “coast to coast” Hostas in it.

Named the 2020 Hosta of the Year, this striking shade perennial has bold, gold-colored leaves, which really pop and shine, standing out in a shady location. And bonus, that gold coloring will become even brighter in the morning sun in summer. Even more, the leaves are a bit puckered, adding textural interest.

Along with the huge impact the leaves provide, these special Hostas bloom mid-summer with pale violet flowers that attract hummingbirds.

Coast to Coast Hostas grow about 30 inches tall and 36 inches wide, and thrive in Zones three through nine, so with that wide range, you know they are incredibly tough. How tough? They can survive very cold winters and they are great in both the landscape and in containers. Our garden friend Laura has tried them in both; in fact, she had Coast to Coast Hostas growing in her garden and in pots, and they were beautiful, and then a hail storm rolled through and tore up all the leaves. She cut the leaves way back and while they were initially sad about it, the Hostas flushed back out really quickly. In her words, “They didn’t skip a beat and we enjoyed them for the rest of the season.”

Picture of Hosta

Where to use the Shadowland® “Coast to Coast” Hosta, available at Reston Farm Garden Market:

  • Border Plant
  • Container
  • Landscape
  • Specimen or Focal Point

If you’re looking for a perennial to put in a shady location that will really shine, we highly recommend this bright, tough beauty. Come on in to the Reston Farm Garden Market and load up on some fabulous Coast to Coast Hostas. Until then, Hosta la vista, baby.

Hotas image #2