Let’s talk about the 2020 Annuals of the Year… the Euphorbia Diamond Collection from Proven Winners.


The diamond collection of euphorbias

  • Diamond Frost, which is such a versatile, classic plant
  • Diamond Mountain, which grows larger and is excellent for the landscape
  • Diamond Snow, which is the most compact variety, and has beautiful double white blooms.

These euphorbias are heat tolerant, drought tolerant, and they bloom continuously throughout the season without needing to be deadheaded.

You should definitely give one—or all three of them—a try in your garden this year.

Diamond frost euphorbia

Diamond Frost is probably the most popular and widely used variety because you can use it in so many different applications.

It plays so nicely with others that you can put it in container arrangements with other plants, and it just intermingles beautifully.

Diamond mountain euphorbia

Diamond Mountain is a really vigorous grower that’s a great stand-alone in a landscape or planted in mass.

It can stand up to varieties like Supertunia Vista Bubblegum or a sweet potato vine; those usually like to take over an area, but Diamond Mountain will fight through and with those plants and it will still shine.

Diamond snow euphorbia

The last variety in the collection is Diamond Snow, which is the most compact-growing of all three, so it makes it great for container situations or as an accent plant.

This one has double white blooms, which also makes it different than the other two, and the bloom-to-leaf ratio is incredible.

Most of the time it looks like a sphere of white.

Hey, why not plant some alongside some Wicked Hot coleus? The contrast of the two should be just beautiful.

Features of these diamond collection euphorbias, available at Reston Farm Garden Market, include:

    • Easy to Maintain
    • Heat Tolerant
    • Bloom From Planting to Frost
    • Deadheading Not Necessary
    • Drought Tolerant
    • Adaptable As Houseplants
    • Deer Resistant

    Again, all of these are heat tolerant, drought tolerant, and will bloom continuously from the moment you plant them until the end of the season without having to be deadheaded. We recommend that you plant one or all three of these jewels in your garden this year!