Good things come in gem boxes, right?

If you love boxwoods like we love boxwoods, but you have problems with boxwood blight or any of the other problems that sometimes come along with boxwoods, you might try the alternative…

Meet the 2020 landscape shrub of the year, the gem box Inkberry Holly.

Gem box is a beautiful shrub with dainty, dark-green, glossy leaves.

But when they flush out with new growth in the spring, the tips are red. Lovely! They stay really well branched, so they look great from top all the way to bottom, unlike other cultivars of inkberry hollies. They’re a dwarf evergreen; they stay about two- to three-feet tall and wide, so they’re really easy to tuck into the landscape in different areas. They like full to part sun, and they’re really great for many different uses:

  • hedges
  • small topiaries
  • single specimens in your flower beds or containers
They prefer a moist, acidic soil and they are suited for Zones 5 through 9.

What makes the gem box inkberry holly, available at Reston Farm Garden Market, such a great choice?

  • Easy to maintain
  • Foliage interest
  • Fall and winter interest
  • Attractive small, evergreen hedge
  • Good as a focal point or mass planting

Gem box is a great way to add winter interest into your landscape in a smaller package.

In other words, this award-winner is a beauty year ‘round.