Invite this belle of the ball to your next garden party. We don’t think it’ll take much to convince you that you need the Invicibelle Ruby Hydrangea in your life. Why? This is a hydrangea to love! Who could pass up its gorgeous blooms?

The invicibelle ruby is the 2020 hydrangea of the year with good reason.

Look at the color of its blooms! The buds start out a deeper kind of ruby red and they open up to a ruby reddish-pink with a silver overlay. The leaves are dark green and the stems are strong.

It’s super winter hardy.

It’s a Zone 3 through 8, so for folks who are in a cooler area and have a harder time growing hydrangeas, these are really good.

It blooms on new wood.

Even if you have an early cold snap or you have deer grazing on your hydrangeas, these bloom on new wood. So it doesn’t matter what happens to them, they will still produce blooms in that season and bloom for you.

It’s compact.

These hydrangeas grow about three- to four-feet tall and two- to three-feet wide, so they’re a bit taller than they are wide.

It makes me a great focal plant.

You may only need one of them in an area, or you can mass plant them in a flower bed or plant a hedge. “Garden Answer” Laura planted a little swoop underneath one of her old lilac trees and it’s gorgeous. She also added mulch when she was done planting—a good two- to three-inch mulch helps prevent moisture loss and helps keep them really happy.

They also like a part sun-to-sun location.

They will perform the best, have the strongest stems and the highest number of blooms if you put them in an area that gets at least six hours of sun. If you live where it’s really hot, you can get by with a little less light, so a good block of morning sun and then some filtered sun in the afternoon is best for our hydrangeas.

Also, these make great cut flowers for arrangements.

You can even dry them and they maintain their color. If you have a space in your garden that can accommodate an Invicibelle Ruby Hydrangea, you should definitely plant one.

These are in bloom when many of your other plants are looking kind of tired and done for the year; that’s when this one is in its glory.

You really need to see how pretty the Invicibelle Ruby Hydrangea is in person. Come to Reston Farm Garden Market before her dance card is all filled up!