What makes the Oso Easy Double Red Rose from Proven Winners the 2020 National Rose of the Year?

Not only are these roses so easy to care for, they’re also highly resistant to diseases like powdery mildew and black spot.

There’s more… We also love that they’re a double flower, which means they have a lot of petals, so they look very lush, and the specific tone of red is pleasing and easy to blend with other color palettes.

That means you can add them to your flower bed or landscape and they’ll fit right in, looking cohesive and beautiful.

The leaves are a velvety deep green with a slight gloss, and they contrast the color of the blooms beautifully. They don’t need to be deadheaded in order to keep producing flowers—it’s something you can certainly do if you like to do that—but they’ll just keep rockin’ it through the whole season whether or not they’re ever deadheaded. In fact, they generally don’t need pruning at all. If you do want to go out and prune them to a specific shape or size, you can do that in late winter or early spring.

What makes the oso easy double red rose so popular?

  • Large and full red blooms
  • Blooms all summer without the need to remove old flowers
  • Very disease resistant
  • Easy to grow and maintain

They grow to about three- or four-feet tall and wide, so they’re a good size rose shrub. You want to put them in a spot that has a bit of space and a lot of sun so they can grow to their full size, and you can enjoy a lot of color from them. Also, they’re successful in Zone 4 through 9, so they’re incredibly winter hardy, down to -30 degrees. You’ll find this Oso Easy Double Red National Rose of the Year right here at Reston Farm Garden Market. How oh-so lucky!