When you think of deliciously sweet with just the right amount of tart, you might be thinking of raspberry preserves. And when you think of raspberry preserves, you might be thinking the only thing they’re good for is smothering it on your biscuits and toast. And that would be a mistake! Especially when we’re talking about our very own Reston Farm Garden Market’s Juice-Sweetened Red Raspberry Preserves.

Think beyond biscuits… Our preserves can be used to liven up oh, so many of your favorite dishes.

MARINADES: Add preserves along with a splash of fresh lemon or lime juice (or balsamic vinegar) as a marinade for chicken, pork or shrimp. SMOOTHIES: If you didn’t have a chance to pick up some fresh fruit, then simply puree together some yogurt, some preserves and a little orange juice, and tah-dah, you’re in business. SANDWICH SPREAD: You can blend equal parts of goat cheese and preserves, and you have a fantastic spread for a smoked turkey or ham sandwich.

Raspberry Preserve photo

Or you can do your own thing like we did…

We enjoyed pan-seared Grouper filet with roasted peppers on a bed of veggie pasta, drizzled and tossed with something we call Berry Delicious Razzle Sauce. It’s made by simply mixing a jar of Reston Farm Garden Market’s Juice-Sweetened Red Raspberry Preserves and a tablespoon or two of soy sauce. That’s it. The whole dish was topped with a sprinkle of freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Yum!

Red Raspberry Preserves Grouper Image

What kind of creative recipe can you come up with?

Visit us at Reston Farm Garden Market and get some of the delicious preserves, jams, jellies, relishes and other jarred goods we have that are waiting to be your next secret ingredient!