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In the Market

Our Market is filled with yummy foods, houseplants, garden accessories and more! We’re open year round with locally-sourced fresh bakes, eggs, dairy, meats, jarred goods, raw honey, snacks and more.

From farm to table, we offer locally-sourced goodness.

Oh, the delicious things you’ll find here at Reston Farm Garden Market. Our market is filled with all your favorites (you’ve told us so), and we have lots of choices. Stock up on the things you already know you love, and try something new; it’s all good and family-approved!

We have a variety of locally-produced jams, fruit and berry butters, ciders, jelly, salsas, sauces, dressings, syrup, honey, bread mixes and more. That includes our very popular “family” jar goods. Share the joy!

Order our delicious dessert pies for your holiday feastin’!
Or because it’s Monday.

Are you an apple-pie traditionalist? Love a rich, sweet and crunchy pecan pie? How about pumpkin? You are in luck, my friend! We are now taking orders for your holiday and every day celebrations. You order, we’ll have them baked and ready to eat.

Fresh-baked Apple Cider Donuts at Reston Farm Garden Market

You’ll love our fresh-baked donuts!

Have you tried a fresh, homemade donut yet? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. Stop in for a fresh, amazing apple cider or pumpkin donut and you’ll never go back to those lesser varieties.

Zook's Pot Pies at Reston Farm Garden Market

We have Zook’s famous (and deeee-licious) Homemade Meat Pies!

A family-owned-and-operated business, Zook’s Homemade Meat Pies are made from scratch by our Amish friends in the Pennsylvania Dutch heartland. Their mouth-watering chicken, beef and sausage pies are responsible for comments such as…

“It was absolutely delicious!!! The crust was a little sweet, the gravy was perfectly savory, and there was the perfect amount of chicken inside.”

“Tried these pot pies on our last visit to PA and had to come back and pick up some more! They are outrageously delicious!”

“Perfection. This is something we should always have in our freezer! Beyond good!”

Local honey, local love.

Reston Farm Garden Market offers you delicious raw, unfiltered honey from Golden Angels Apiary in Singers Glen, Virginia and Quail & Hound Farms in Middleburg, Virginia.

Golden Angels Apiary is one of the most well-regarded apiaries in Virginia. They don’t filter their honey, keeping the naturally occurring pollens, which have great health benefits and add fantastic aroma and flavor. What makes their products so special is their utmost respect for the bees and the environment. We like that.

Quail & Hound Farms joins our honey family, offering 100% pure, raw, and unfiltered, amber-colored wildflower honey, as well as a lighter, sweeter, golden clover honey. Their wooded farm and fruit trees provide nectar for their bees including delicious tulip poplar nectar, cherry, apple, and peach. We think you’ll love their honey!

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We are the legendary Reston Farm Garden Market, originally established in 1976. Located in Reston, Virginia, we’re passionate about serving our local Northern Virginia community by providing fresh, locally-sourced produce, and other farm-fresh goods, offering healthy plants and garden supplies, and celebrating unforgettable seasonal events. We hope to see you soon!

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