About Our Family

Lowell and Bonita met when Lowell was just 17, working as the ice cream man. He charmed Bonita, finally convincing her to go out on a date when he gave her her favorite ice cream: strawberry shortcake. (He’s a smart man, right?) We’ve been together ever since.

Proven Winners Icons

We Love Living Here (Over 20 Years!) And Raising Our Family in Loudoun County.

Our Family Is Excited About Returning the Market to Its Glory.

Lowell learned quite a lot about the flower and produce industry, after leaving the ice cream biz. He and Bonita developed their successful pop-up garden centers, and when the owner of Reston Farm Market asked if we would be interested in reviving it, we said, “YES!”

The original owner did such a wonderful job of uniting the community and providing a great place for families to enjoy themselves.

We strive for that same connection with the community and are working hard to bring you opportunities for joy and to make memories for generations.

What Does It Mean to Be a Family Business?

We are all in this to strengthen the next generation of business owners in our family.

Our customers have watched our children grow from little boys into strong men who work very hard. That’s extremely gratifying.

Working together every day can sometimes be hard, but we are committed to each other, always thinking of each other.

There is also a sense of comfort because we all love one another.

The very best part of all of this is that we are accomplishing this as a family and—together—we are creating a legacy to leave behind.


We Also Have Furry/Feathered Family Members.

Here at Reston Farm Garden Market, we have family members of a different variety…

Our goats Tinker Bell and Spice love all food, but their absolute favorite is apples.

Fatty, Freckles and their piglets bring us so much joy. And they eat everything. Everything!

Our rooster, Colonel, is certainly king of the roost. And our lovely hens do a great job keeping bugs at bay.

The History of the Reston Farm Garden Market

The Reston Farm Garden Market is located at the heart of Reston, VA, and is an important shopping destination of the surrounding communities in Virginia and Washington, DC.

The original market dates back to 1976, when it started as a place for peddling pumpkins and Christmas trees, expanding to a 2.5 acres of Mack Crippen’s dairy farm just a few years later.

At one point, the Reston Farm Market occupied 9,000 square feet on approximately 16 acres with annual retail sales of nearly $3,000,000 and a workforce of 100.

It was downsized later due to the suburban development surrounding the site, and restrictions imposed by the Fairfax County Zoning Department.

Despite the downsizing, the Reston Farm Market survived, was renamed to the Reston Farm Garden Market, and to this day thrives serving local community in Northern Virginia with a bit of old-school farm freshness and cozy simplicity.

We remain committed to deep-rooted values of bringing fresh, locally sourced plants and food from regional family farmers to you.


Lowell Weinstein

Not only is Lowell responsible for the daily operation of Reston Farm Garden Market, he is the visionary of our family and our business. Lowell has a gift for seeing what’s ahead and planning for opportunities.

His favorite thing at the Garden Market? Watching his vision come alive.


Bonita Weinstein

Bonita shares the job of ensuring the daily operation of the Garden Market is running smoothly, but she’s the “people person” and does all the hiring. She loves talking to customers and helping plant colorful pots.

Her favorite thing at the Garden Market? The Christmas season — being surrounded by the smell of Christmas trees is divine.


Khalil Nelson

As Manager/Trainer, son Khalil is a very patient leader who always cares about what’s going on with others. He’s quite the carpenter and loves putting those skills to work in building our seasonal displays.

His favorite thing at the Garden Market? The fall season — he loves everything about it, from the colors to the crispness in the air to being surrounded by pumpkins and more pumpkins.


Isaiah Weinstein

Son Isaiah is Manager/Trainer of our Reston Farm Neighborhood Garden Markets. He, like his brother, puts his carpentry skills to work building structures for both the Garden Market and our Neighborhood Garden Markets. Isaiah superpower is paying extra attention to the details and keeping us on track.

His favorite thing at the Garden Market? Watching families enjoy all we have to offer.


Candice Wade and Nehemiah Weinstein are our other family members who are an important part of our success!

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We are the legendary Reston Farm Garden Market, originally established in 1976. Located in Reston, Virginia, we’re passionate about serving our local Northern Virginia community by providing premium annuals, perennials, natives, herbs, veggie plants, and shrubs; organic gardening supplies; locally-sourced farm-fresh goods, and family fun. We hope to see you soon!

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