DNC Great Lakes Water Only Living Soil, 15lb Bag


Detroit Nutrient Company Great Lakes Water Only Living Soil is an all-natural start-to-finish soil. This living soil is water-only β€” no need to add nutrients.

From seed or clone until harvest, our patented blend of worm castings, steer manure, and chicken compost, along with our incredible list of high-quality amendments. For novice gardeners Great Lakes Water Only soil works perfectly. Forget mixing chemicals and troubleshooting deficiencies!

  • For advanced organic gardeners, no-till gardeners, as well as probiotic farmers this living soil works great: you can add teas, top dresses, and organic nutrients, if so desired.
  • An excellent medium for both indoor and outdoor grows.
  • Introduce even more life to your garden through the use of compost teas. During veg and bloom, teas are a great way to add microbial life which breaks down the nutrients in your soil.

πŸ‘‡ Click description tab for instructions on how to use.

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Important Note: Do not use synthetic nutrients with Great lakes Water Only Soil. We recommend using only water, top dresses, or organic nutrients. The intended purpose of our soil is growing vigorous plants as a stand alone medium or in addition to existing soil both in indoor or outdoor containers or bedded plants. Great Lakes Water Only soil works alone or in conjunction with organic additives.

How to use in outdoor beds:

  • Dig a hole slightly larger than plant rootball, add plant and back fill using Great Lakes Water Only soil.
  • Do not tamp or pack down.
  • Water lightly, as needed.
  • To amend an existing bed, disturb surface of garden or bed using a rake or how.
  • Top dress with about 1 inch of Great Lakes Water only soil and immediately add water.

How to use in containers plants:

  • Prepare container by adding an inch of coarse rock or perlite to bottom of container to assist in drainage and aeration.
  • Fill container with dry Great Lakes Water Only soil (do not presoak soil) up to about one inch from the top of container. Do not tamp or pack in.
  • Lift the pot to get a feel for dry weight when possible.
  • Add seed, clone, or hot start to soil.
  • Water lightly, being careful not to over water and never water to run off.
  • Use dry weight or moisture meter to gauge when to water again.
  • Recommended 7 gallon pots or larger for the final pot.

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